Its particular history, unique landscape, architectural value and of course, gastronomy and relaxation.



Tabarca Island is a small Mediterranean island that covers an area of only 0.3 km2. It is actually a small archipelago made up of Tabarca Island and several islets: La Cantera, La Galera and La Nao. The length is approximately 1,800 metres and the maximum width is 400 metres.

Santa Pola is the point on the peninsula closest to Tabarca, which is just 3 miles from the Cape of Santa Pola and also the only inhabited island in the Community of Valencia. Tabarca is a unique destination with an interesting history that reminds us of what inspired artists and caught the eye of pirates. In fact, in order to end piracy, the island was fortified and inhabited by residents of Tabarqah (Tabarka) Island in Tunisia. People interested in learning about the history of the Mediterranean must visit Tabarca.

Historical heritage and unique landscapes

Its architectural elements were declared to be Historical Artistic Heritage in 1964. We recommend visiting the church of San Pedro and San Pablo, the Tower of San José and the governor’s home, which are all perfect spots for capturing memories in photographs. Swimming or sunbathing at the beach or one of the island’s small coves is also a pleasure. The coast is made up of small cliffs that are only a few metres tall, as well as pebble beaches and a sandy beach with crystal-clear water. The biodiversity of the surrounding water, which was declared a marine reserve in 1986, is an underwater paradise of spectacular flora and fauna that will astound scuba diving enthusiasts. Click here for additional information about scuba diving at Tabarca.

GASTRONOMY What to eat in Tabarca?

The island’s traditional dish is caldero. It was frequently referred to as fish stew because it consists of rice and alioli (an oil and garlic sauce served on the side), accompanied by fish cooked with thick potato slices. The flavour is spectacular. You must try this dish if you visit the island! A charming summertime aspect of Tabarca is the peaceful atmosphere that takes over the island when the sun sets and throughout the evening. After an exhausting day, this is the perfect time to relax and enjoy a cocktail or mojito at one of the island’s terrace bars.

In the summer, Tabarca is the perfect setting for water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, boating, etc. In the winter, the peaceful and solitary atmosphere that takes over the island is purely relaxing.